December 3, 1999



4th Floor Hanley House

776-778 Hanley House

Kowloon, Hong Kong


Re: Bruce Lee Memorial Gallery


To The Urban Council Caucus of the Democratic Party:


I recently received a letter from you informing me that members of the Democratic Party heartily endorsed the proposal of a Memorial Gallery in honor of my late husband Bruce Lee. I wish to extend my deepest appreciation to the councilors of the Democratic Party who steadfastly supported this motion in spite of the opposition of one member of the PUC.


My husband Bruce devoted his life to exhibiting the beauty of Chinese culture through the medium of film. He excelled in the discipline of Chinese martial art and increased the popularity of its study throughout the world. His quest for perfection in filmmaking, martial art and physical training has served as a model of excellence for people of all ages and nationalities. Speaking on behalf of my family, I am very pleased that Bruce home land of Hong Kong has chosen to pay tribute to his lifework through the establishment of the Memorial Gallery.


Thank you for recognizing the value of Bruce work. He would be gratified to know that his fellow countrymen treasure his contribution to Hong Kong society. I wish you great success with the Gallery and Museum, and I would be honored to attend the opening ceremonies if at all possible.


Yours very truly,


Linda Lee Cadwell